lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Puedes encontrar cosas muy interesantes...ok

Hi, my name is Brenna, I’m student, something like an tape artist, photographer and of course blogger. is an independent street art, urban design, graffiti and photography blog. It’s the successor of the german street art blog and was launched on August 14th, 2009 with an international photo-contest.

Since I present international news about urban activities, interventions, street art, design, exhibitions and a lot more of fresh things from the metropolises around the world on Urban Artcore, the press was interested in me and my doings. I made up a small page, collecting interesting press articles about me and Urban Artcore…

I like:
urban art, street art, tape, graffiti, parkour, freerunning, photography, urban inspired design, typography, calligraphy, modern architecture, and a lot more topics around urban environment and arts

I don’t like:
haters, fascists, buffers, sexism, spammers, and all the other bloody bastards…

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