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Chor Boogie

"As an artist of modern times, understanding himself and the world through color, defining the meaning of originality Chor Boogie is one of many masters that leads this pioneering craft of spray paint in its diverse art form.(...)"


M. - With regard to your biography, what experiences do you think have been definitive for who you are?

Chor - The definitive experiences to me ..where basically the learning lessons in my life.. from leading a life of crime and turmoil like drugs, thievery, to jails and just plain wrong doings .. to leading a life of spirituality with a little fun.. a basic balance of the sort. I'm not perfect but everyday i try to be a better person.. and along these trials and tribulations the ART was always there it was like a double life another thing i had to learn as well .. and through that journey i have learned allot in the past 20 years of dealing with spray paint coming from an artistic lifestyle since the age of 5.. but you know growing up as a kid you basically do not know what you want to be when you grow up ..but in my case i did.. and I'm living the dream and it gets better every day.So my experiences of life I'm grateful for simply because they shape my life whether it be good or bad.

M. - What is the role of art in your life?


M. - Chor Boogie, What does it mean to you?

Chor - CHORBOOGIE.. the name means to me.. is that my ART IS MY CHOR .a chor that i love to do... and the BOOGIE is the Melodic Symphony aspect... so 50%mind+50%heart=100%body+100%soul=200%spirit then add an infinite universe have a CHOR BOOGIE CREATION..

M.-Why have you opted for the spray paint?

Chor - SPRAY PAINT. just had this magnetic pull to it . when i first tried it it made life a whole lot easier when it comes to creating with art .. even though its a difficult medium to master... so time is definitely of the essence when it comes to practically any medium especially this one..since the tool is far much larger than the rest of them.Basically over the blood sweat years and tears the medium is now paying off for me and so the magnetic pull that attracted me to the medium was basically LOVE.. i have a love for the medium like no other.. simply because its apart of my life .. IT IS MY LIFE..

Your works are complex studies of colors and shapes, is this compatible with the spontaneity that characterizes the" street art "?.

Chor - It could be put in that category ..but i am more towards originality when it comes to many concepts..and when it comes to street art i think anything is compatible when it comes to that perspective of an art form or movement.. but me I'm just going to stick with plain ol ART .. my art may of derived from the streets and may always be there but its greatness and potential is well deserved in far more bigger arenas.. even though it is the so called MOVEMENT that is making allot of noise right now.. the many other movements have always been there and are not going anywhere.. but if you want to categorize me .. me personally would consider my STYLE ..An Abstract Expressionism of a Street Romantic VooDoo with Emotional Landscapes of a Melodic Symphony through Color Therapy.

It is a movement that is booming ... In general, do you think is losing the essence and strength with which it emerged?

Chor -
some people do not care ..some do..and when it comes to this movement .. there is allot of not caring.. and taking things for what it is.. which is cool in a sense ..but there are morals... there is history .etc.... that needs to be acknowledged .. just as long as it doesn't BORE the shit out of you.. and coming from a day and age and a society and a movement that gets BORED very easily .. explaining these facts you have to approach them in a way they understand... as far as them goes i mean the youth.. the elder generation some fall in this category but is more analytical and needs more of an explanation so they get it in a sense .. if its presented to them in a in the booming of the movement relies on somewhat of a balance in a sense via its essence tied in with a little i don't care attitude .. UNTIL SOMETHING BETTER COMES ALONG..

M. -
Could you tell me how you got to combine as many colors on each of your works and the result is so homogenous ...?

Chor - I'M MORE OF A SPONTANEOUS ARTIST.. I pretty much do not put any emphasis in the thinking aspect of what i do simply because it is a free flowing style. So i just let it be. with a subconscious perspective of mathematics hence the fact of a balance
plus it has an appealing effect on the eye which leads to your mind that is connected to your heart and is brought together as one through your body and soul.. so that oneness gives you an instant reaction to the work .. same effects as color therapy. or any therapy.

M. -
Your work evokes positive feelings: strength, vitality ... Is this what you expect that project your paintings?

Chor - i don't expect anything really.. but when it comes to feelings ..i believe that my pieces of art are balanced.. so they may conjure up positive feelings or negative feelings.. no matter what it conjured up a feeling ... so my job is done..

M. - Originality is sought or arises?

Chor - .ORIGINALITY IS KEY TO SURVIVAL.. so if its sought or it arises.. basically originality comes naturally.. there are only few that can do this simply because they believe in originality .. and stand out from the rest .. hence the fact of theres a REASON for everything.. if it where not then everyone would have an original perspective and we wouldn't have the people that stand out in society ..which one is good or bad ..i don't know.. but i do know that I myself have to be original and that's all that matters..

M. -
You are a recognized artist in many countries. Is Europe falling within any of your future projects?
I hope so ...

Chor - i will be in EUROPE coming up real soon.. ill be in Berlin for the STROKE ART FAIR.. from the 30th of September till October 13th.. ill be live painting at the fair also doing a mural out there and presenting work at the CHORBOOGIE booth.. so don't miss it..

Thank you, "Chor" ...

A fan..

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